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      Professional Crime Scene Cleaning

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      Crime Scene Cleaning

      While TV and film dramas may often gloss over the aftermath of a serious incident, the task of ensuring a location or premises is restored to its natural state is one that requires ultimate professionalism from start to finish. Our experienced team here at JG Environmental are fully trained in cleaning of an extreme nature across Cheshire and the surrounding areas, applying the due diligence and vigilance to each and every job is completed to the highest of standards.

      Reaching the point where this level of cleaning is needed is an undoubtedly stressful experience, meaning the need for a skilled team to attend the scene with minimal fuss and maximum competence is of the utmost importance. Without doing so, you run the risk of allowing infection to spread rapidly across the area – making it extremely dangerous to set foot in for a prolonged period.

      At JG Environmental, our professional crime scene cleaning services cover:

      • Blood spillages and stains
      • Needle and drug paraphernalia
      • Vandalism clean-up (including in void and derelict properties)
      • Police cell and van decontamination
      • Forensic cleaning services
      • Natural event clean-up (such as dead body discovery)
      • Other bespoke cleaning jobs (please enquire with our team for availability)

      Comprehensive and Competent Cleaning

      Here at JG, we have the necessary crime scene cleaning certification to ensure the location is restored, as well as the safe removal and disposal of dangerous biohazardous waste. From low-level incidents of drug abuse to deeply traumatic incidents of violence and murder, our team remain unfazed by difficult scenes in order to deliver high quality service at all times.

      We ensure that all jobs are carried out with discretion, allowing us to carry out the work efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to providing each job with the same level of care has helped us secure our position as the most reliable in Cheshire and nearby areas.

      If you’re in need of professional biohazard cleaning services, contact our team immediately  and we’ll have a specialist team out with you as soon as possible.

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