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      JG Pest Control are specialists in ant control Cheshire. Our technicians are experienced, discreet and friendly. We are a family run business who specialise in cost-effective solutions. We keep our prices low. Our services are guaranteed to give you the best value for money for ant control Cheshire.

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      Our technicians are qualified experts. We are able to classify not only the species that has infested your household or premises, but will also be able to correctly determine the right type of insecticide and bait to be used. Home treatments may relieve the problem temporarily. However our services will provide a permanent solution to your infestation. Ants are social insects and there are a number of different species to consider. The most common types here in the UK are Garden or Black Ant (lasius niger) and the Pharaoh Ant (monomorium pharaonis).

      Ants exist in caste societies and the most common type you see is the worker ant. Males and queens are the winged variety most seen flying around after thundery showers in summer endeavouring to mate. The males and females (presumptive queens) breed during flight. The females lose their wings after mating. The males die shortly after sexual communion. Worker ants are usually shorter and smaller in body type than males or females. Worker Garden ants are the most common species in infestations and are 4mm long and black or dark brown in colour.

      We are experts in the removal of Garden and Pharaoh ants

      For leading ant control services in Cheshire, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01606 629000

      Tropical ant species in the British Isles.

      • Pharaoh ants are a tropical species originally from warmer climates
      • For this reason they prefer to create nests in areas that provide warmth and moisture
      • They are smaller than their Garden cousins.
      • Their body colour is yellow to red-brown.

      Some facts about ant control Cheshire

      The reason for an ant infestation in our dwellings is very simple. Ants love the same food we do. Our cupboards are their dinner tables, and we pretty much put the food on the plate for these little critters. Although ants do not necessarily carry diseases they create a risk of contaminating your food stuffs. They walk across many surfaces before they reach your cupboard and thus, an infestation can be considered unhygienic. If you have ever found ants in sealed containers then you will realise that they are pretty adept at gaining entry to the trickiest of jars. In addition to the unhygienic problems that occur, some species of tropical ant are known to bite when aggravated.

      It is essential that correct identification of the species is undertaken. This is particularly relevant when considering the eradication of the tropical species. Different species have different colony and caste systems. Some have multiple queens and are effective at rebuilding scattered colonies quickly. If a home treatment is used before proper identification is carried out, you may exacerbate the situation and create multiple colonies.


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      How do I get rid of Ant Infestations?
      Ant Control Cheshire

      Ants come into your home looking for food and are attracted to the foodstuff we keep in our kitchens, particularly the sweet and sticky substances. You should take measures to ensure your food containers are adequately sealed. Also try to restrict the amount of food left in open packets in the cupboards.

      In addition, ensure you clean up spills and leakages as quickly as you can. Pay special attention to out of the way areas such as under cookers or white goods appliances. Your pet’s food is at as much risk of contamination as human food so clear away their bowls as soon as possible.

      Contact JG Ant Control Cheshire. We use the most up to date chemicals and organic solutions on the market. The treatments we employ, spraying cracks and crevices and laying bait, obtain the quickest results. Our ant eradication service is guaranteed.

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