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      Heat Treatments

      Bed bugs and other insects are resistant to many chemicals, meaning heat treatments are often a far more effective method of eradication. Chemical insect and bed bug treatments can take several weeks, potentially months, to work and may require several treatments to completely remove an infestation. Heat treatments, however, kill bugs at any stage of their life cycle and JG Pest Control guarantee same day eradication with this method.


      How does Heat Treatment Work?

      Modern day heat treatments are far more discreet than before. Properties are now heated from within, meaning there is no need to run pipes into a home which previously made an infestation obvious to neighbours.

      This whole process usually takes between six and eight hours (based on properties with three to five bedrooms). Thanks to our leading specialist heat treatment team and the best equipment in the industry, we can provide the quickest, most discreet and non-disruptive heat treatments available.

      Bed Bug Heat Treatment Costs

      Most universal treatment and a premium method of pest eradication. Although usually a little pricier than chemical treatments, the difference may not be as big as you think.

      Which Pests can be Killed using Heat?

      • Bed bugs
      • Moths
      • Cockroaches
      • Woodworm and wood-boring insects
      • Fleas

      For leading pest control services in Cheshire, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01606 629000

      Other Insect Treatment Types

      Benefits of a Heat Treatment

      • Rapid eradication: Heat treatment is the quickest and most effective method of eradicating an infestation. It is most commonly used against bed bugs, moths and cockroaches, but is also very effective against other insects, including fleas, beetles and wood boring insects, such as woodworm.
      • Kills all stages of insects: Once the ‘kill temperature’ is reached, all life stages of insects are destroyed, including eggs, larval stage and pupa. Eggs are not affected by any chemicals used in pest control, which is why heat treatments are a better method.
      • Safe: Heat treatments reduce the risk of chemical reactions as far less, if any, chemicals are used in the treatment.
      • Durable and flexible: Heat treatments are effective against numerous insects and can be used on most items.

      What can be Treated with a Heat Treatment?

      Chemical treatments are restrictive, as certain chemicals can only be used in particular places.

      Heat, in contrast, can be used on most items, including delicate fabrics, clothes and bedding. With heat, we can treat furniture, walls, ceilings, floors and belongings, including electronics.

      There are a number of applications for heat treatments. We can treat for bed bugs, moths, cockroaches, woodworm and other timber pests.

      JG regularly treat residential homes, commercial premises, such as hotels, industrial units, vehicles, stock/ ISPM 15, aircrafts, boats and more.

      What does a Heat Treatment do?

      • Heats the affected area to above 50°C
      • Kills all life stages of the insect, including adults, nymphs and eggs.
      • Extremely effective rapid eradication
      • Other chemical treatments will not kill insect eggs

      Good Service

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      Our Service

      1. Rooms are arranged to allow maximum airflow to potential cold-spots and target activity.
      2. A light chemical and non-toxic powder treatment is applied to the perimeter and floor area of the treatment zone. (Optional).
      3. Temperature sensors are distributed around the treatment zone.
      4. Heaters are vented into the treatment zone until the ‘kill-temperature’ is reached.
      5. This temperature is maintained for the required length of time.
      6. The area is checked for signs of activity.
      7. Heaters are moved to other rooms or packed away if treatment complete.

      For more information and a quote, call JG Pest Control on 01606 629000

      Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cheshire

      JG Pest Control’s heat treatments are the best in the industry. We guarantee to eradicate all signs of bed bugs or an insect infestation on the same day as treatment. Our heat and chemical treatments provide the greatest level of customer satisfaction thanks to quick and comprehensive results.

      JG’s heat treatment is guaranteed as of day one. This means the problem will be gone as soon as we leave the property. Our guarantee also means in the unlikely event that you experience any persistence, we will return (within up to three months, depending on the property) for further treatment.

      The End Result

      • Guaranteed same day eradication.
      • Client satisfaction.
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