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      Birds are a nuisance in public areas and are known for spreading diseases. Derelict buildings, ledges and roof tops are a few examples of areas providing the perfect roosting ground for birds, including pigeons and gulls.

      Not only do bird droppings add to the cleaning costs of commercial and residential buildings, but diseases and mites harbour in these droppings, posing a serious health risk.

      Specialist Bird Control Services

      • Bird Netting
      • Pin and wire systems
      • Bird spikes
      • Bird of Prey Pest Control
      • Shooting and Trapping
      • Guano Cleaning

      Further Services…

      • Abseiling and rope access
      • Bird Deterrent Balls
      • Floating Covers for bird control
      • Bird acoustics
      • Bespoke deterrent systems
      • Contraband netting

      For leading bird control services in Cheshire, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01606 629000

      Removing bird nests and guano cleaning

      Laws and regulations restrict the times of year when bird nests may be removed. It is illegal to remove gulls’ nests once we are in gull nesting season, for example. If you’re unsure about whether a nest can be removed, contact The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Specialist licensing is required to remove a nest so call JG Pest Control to find out more about your options.

      Bird guano (or droppings) can contain diseases and other pests, such as mites, so it is strongly advised against cleaning bird infested areas yourself. A professional bird control team is certified and equipped to do the work quickly, effectively and safely.

      How to get rid of birds

      There is no single way of getting rid of birds and it will often take a combination of methods to get the desired results. DIY bird control is not recommended due to the diseases associated with certain species. The best option is to call bird and pest control professionals to review your requirements and advise on the best form of removal and deterrent.

      Eradicating birds using Rifles

      • Sometimes, the best way to reduce the number of birds in an area is to use rifles or destroy nesting areas.
      • To eradicate the impact of birds totally, however, these methods should be used in conjunction with proofing and/ or bird of prey bird control.

      Watch this info-video to see proofing options available.


      Deter Birds From Your Home or Business
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      JG Pest Control’s Bird Control in Cheshire

      As a leader in bird control solutions, JG Pest Control has worked with many large UK businesses, as well as thousands of homes, to control bird problems.

      Our services are adaptable, versatile and always guaranteed.


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